Somewhere between...

Somewhere between, losing my job today, getting dumped by my new ex boyfriend (Will) and not having any friends to go to Thailand with at the end of the month... made me realise that my life sucks from the outset.

But life is general sucks. You just have to make it suck slightly less by doing a few things differently.

Somewhere between, not telling the tall, chocolate, funny, Catholic, built, Nigerian, composed handsome guy (Abu-The love of my life) i've fancied since 2014 that i really would like to date him and sitting in the darkened corner of my bedroom on snapchat getting told off by my old private school associate (Mellisa's) newly vegan ex boyfriend (Also named Will) for eating pork, which he referred to as "Dead pig's skin" and telling him to "Fuck off" in the most Catholic way possible, before i blocked him... made me realise that my appetite life has never fully been satiated....EVER.

Somewhere between watching DIANA the movie (Played by Naomi Watts) and binge watching the Kardashian mini clips on Youtube before stumbling across a video about the truth on Reality tv being a farse, i realised that i've never experienced that happiest day of my life. I've had a TON of happy moments, but there's never been a day that stood out specifically as the happiest day of my life. I've never even been in love. As pathetic as it sounds, i've never felt that i love a guy so much, i could choke with happiness.

So i say that, to say this.

Life, can simply be compared to a dehydrated child from the 3rd world, being offered a massive gallon of citric acid to drink to quench his/her thirst.
But the hope comes in adding sugar to that drink and some other ingredients to make more tolerable.
Take a selfie of it...upload it on instagarm and hastag lies like #nourishment #sodelicious in attempts to make people get really jealous.

Somewhere between, my mum buying my deadbeat sister her 7th car after convincing me not to buy a car with my own money, encouraging me to save the money instead and registering my own company for an AMAZING new idea that i've been working on for a while, made me realise that the statement, "fortune favours the prepared" is all bullshit."

Somewhere between my friend (Kwadoi) jealously complaining about her sister getting engaged and failing to remain "religious with her subpar brother in law" and catching my next door macho neighbour (Julian) painting his finger nails in the Chinese nail shop- made me realise, all is not as it seems. The guys you think are straight are actually gay and the guys you think are gay are often straight.

Somewhere between registering on Tinder again and talking to several "flat" guys (in the words of my Miget ex (Will), with the enormous perfect pink penis but really thin fish lips. A guy who treated foreplay like he was suffering from leprosy of the mouth, hands and brains and went straight to intercoarse, forcing a girl to just lie there like a baffoon, made me realise that i need something that i've had yet.

I need to find love.

I've never been in love. Never felt truly passionate about a person, that i could not live without... Not even close...

Somewhere between, bleeding continuously for the last 12days after taken the Ella One (5 day strength morning after pill) and getting 82% in a practice section 1 GAMSAT this morning, i realise that happy moments ...

I'll continue this post of Sunday evening.

Stay tuned...


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